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Electric Small Thermal Tank for Pressure Testing

GT-TANK is mainly used to determine the resistance of internal pressure and short-time hydraulic burst to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature, which is designed for pressure testing plastic pipes and fittings in PE, PEX, PVC, PP, PB etc., glass fibre pipes, tubes.
Main parameters: 
Temperature resolution ±0.1℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature range 15℃ to 95℃
Internal dimension depend on the pipe diameter
Number of test stations 1 to 50 on request
  • 9024800000

Product Description

Test Baths for Pressure Test­ing


·        ISO 1167

·        ASTM D 1598

·        ASTM D 1599


  • Automatic water level control, if the water level is lower than preset value, it will be re-established automatically by introducing water in a way that the preset temperature will not fluctuate too much (fluctuation is less than 0.2℃).

  • The circulation system ensures high accuracy and uniform distribution of temperature. The lid seals prevent steam and heat from escaping and protect the user from injuries.

  • The excellent thermal insulation of the basic container allows even when the water temperature rises to 95 °C the outer lid to remain at ambient temperature, which aids in improving security and saving more than 70% of power.

  • The structural bracing frame provides excellent structural integrity and anti-deformation capacity.

  • Various sizes of test baths with multiple lid systems are available.

  • Quick-release couplings and ergonomic manifold arrangements facilitate the connection.

Technical specifications

Temperature resolution           ±0.1℃   

Temperature accuracy             ±0.5℃

Temperature range                 15℃ to 95℃                         

Internal dimension                  depend on the pipe diameter

Number of test stations          1 to 50 on request               


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Thermal Test Bath for Platics Pipes and Fittings


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