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How to use the airtightness testing machine?Gas tightness testing machine I believe we are not unfamiliar with, this is a kind of air pressure simulation of water pressure, to the product waterproof performance testing instrument, can determine the leakage of the product without damaging the product
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Melt flow index machine has been very widely used in plastic raw material production, plastic products, petrochemical industry, and other industries as well as relevant universities and colleges, scientific research departments, and commercial inspection departments. Through the microprocessor accor
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What are the common failures of hydrostatic pressure testing machines?The hydrostatic pressure testing machine is suitable for a variety of fluid transfer plastic pipes for hydraulic transient burst and long-term constant pressure resistance under the determination of the destruction time. Next is a
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What is the working principle of an airtightness testing machine?The airtightness testing machine is mainly used for testing the performance of the fit between the pipes when the plastic pipes of PVC, PE, and PP are flexibly connected by the elastic sealing ring, i.e., the testing of the interface s
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Falling weight impact tester is widely used in the determination of impact resistance toughness of various plastic pipes (such as water supply and drainage pipes, sewage pipes, gas pipes, pipes for communication, such as PVC, PE, etc.). Falling weight impact tester is the ideal testing instrument fo
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