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Power Electronic High Efficiency End Caps For Low Pressure Closure Test

For internal hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes. The end closures seal off the sample in order to generate internal pressure in the sample. Maximum pressure depends on standard, specifications and pipe sample diameter. The max. pressure is up to 200bar.
  • GT-EC-A
  • 9024800000

High Quality End Closure for Plastic Pipes


  •  ISO 1167

  • ASTM D 1598

  • ASTM D 1599      


Designed to measure the internal hydrostatic pressure in pipes. The pipe sample is sealed off at the ends to generate the internal pressure. Maximum pressure depends on the pipe diameter and the test standard.


  • A special design ensures easy installation and perfect sealing. Split clamps achieve automatic centering.

  • Stainless steel material with corrosion resistance, durability and weight advantages.

  • The hollow-out design makes it lighter in weight, easier to operate and observe. For example, the single-end weight of DN400 enclosure is around 50kg, while the weight of clamps is about 7.3kg.

  • Easy and reliable venting directly at the sample.

  • An air supply inlet and drain port allow the water to drain after large diameter end caps have been tested.

  • Stainless steel chain is provided to avoid the lower enclosure fall on the bottom of water thank in case of specimen fails.

  • Simple and reliable venting directly at the sample.

Technical specifications

  1. Material: Stainless steel (carbon steel as option)

  2. Diameter range: Ø12mm up to Ø1200mm

  3. Connection: 1/4" male connection and supplied with bleed valve

  4. Max. test pressure: up to 160 bar


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