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How to use the airtightness testing machine?

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How to use the airtightness testing machine?

Gas tightness testing machine I believe we are not unfamiliar with, this is a kind of air pressure simulation of water pressure, to the product waterproof performance testing instrument, can determine the leakage of the product without damaging the product, usually, 5-10 minutes can give the results, the use of the production line on the product for full inspection. After purchasing the airtightness testing machine, you may not be familiar with the use of airtightness testing machine, in the process of operation will encounter some common problems, which directly affects the production line productivity, the correct use of material testing lab equipment, and characteristics are as follows.

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Method of use

Usually, the airtightness testing machine is equipped with one or more sets of fixtures, so it is necessary to place and design the testing stations on the production line according to the actual capacity and workstations. After placing the airtightness testing machine and tooling, open the accessories box, take out the power cord, test the air tube, connector, air-source air tube, and other accessories, and connect them one by one according to the manual. 4. Connect the control cable of the tooling fixture to the airtightness tester, connect the test air tube to the test interface, connect the power supply of the airtightness tester to the socket, and connect the air source interface to the air inlet of the airtightness tester. Turn on the power switch of the watertightness testing equipment, enter the password into the operation interface of the technical engineer, set the inflation time, holding time, testing time, pressure release time, and the standard testing action of the tooling according to the testing standard requirements of the product, and make a backup of the program. Return to the operator test interface, select the corresponding product test program, and place the product in the tooling fixture of the airtightness testing machine to fix it. The test button of the airtightness testing machine will be turned on manually for airtightness testing, during the test, the product will "PASS" if there is no leakage, and "FAIL" if there is leakage. It should be noted that the airtightness testing machine should be placed on a stable table or workbench, avoiding air vents and strong magnetic fields around, which will affect the normal use of the airtightness testing machine.

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The gas tightness testing machine is equipped with gas-driven gas automatic booster pump, which can easily realize the output pressure is adjustable and controllable. Advanced technology, reasonable structure design. At the same time, the tightness tester of elastomeric sealing ring joints has the characteristics of small size, lightweight and beautiful appearance. All the pressure-bearing parts of our gas tightness testing machine are made of standard parts of internationally famous brands, without any welding connection, easy to disassemble, high safety factor, long life, and easy maintenance.

Golden Time Technology Development Limited recommends you to read the usage of the airtightness testing machine carefully to ensure that your use of the machine is hassle-free.

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