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what is polymer compound testing

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Polymer compounding is the process of mixing or blending of polymers and additives and is essential for test trials. Typically this process is performed in the molten state with a goal to achieve a homogeneous blend, and is a crucial step in the polymer development process. The need for lightweight, more durable and low emission materials plus the increasing demands on design is forcing the polymer and plastics industry to develop new and innovative materials. Polymer material and compound development takes place in every step of the polymer R&D process to produce materials with different properties to the base material or to produce material with desired qualities, using various additives. polymer and plastics testing include many volatile compounds, including testing for NIAS, testing on phthalates levels, and odour issues. In certain industries, we test to the manufacturer’s own standards, as well as to industry standards providing testing wherein specific gaseous VOC constituents emitted from test samples are captured . Polymer and Plastic Identification Testing can also help a developer to compare several materials assisting the selection of the most suitable materials in terms of composition or quality. Plastics and polymer formulations are usually comprised of a polymer material and a range of other additives such as UV absorbers, colourants, or plasticisers.

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