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what is polymer compound?

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Many items we use today are made of polymer compounds. Polymers are what manufacturers use to make food packaging. They can be found in beverage bottles, wires and cables, tires, etc. They are also used in health care, rail, automotive and even aerospace applications. PolyVisions Inc. is a top choice by multiple industries when it comes to turning polymers into solutions. Within the company’s three decades of operation, PolyVisions have contributed immensely to their clients’ respective businesses. PolyVisions Inc. does not just offer material polymer solutions. They are partners to their clients. In Greek, the word polymer means “many parts.” Polymer compounds essentially consist of small and identical molecules referred to as monomers. In a polymer compound, these monomers are linked together. Compared to other molecules, polymer ranks highest in molecular weight. Polymers are used by manufacturers like PolyVisions to create other useful objects including plastics, rubber, glass, etc. Polymer compounds are extremely useful. These substances are so versatile that they can be turned into almost anything. They are not only lightweight. They are also hard, flexible and durable. It is the job of polymer chemists to find different methods of taking advantage of these properties and turn the substances into multiple useful objects including lenses, compact discs and food containers among others. The science of polymer compounds is about determining chemical and conductive properties in polymers so they serve different purposes in a multitude of industries. Polymers are all created by the process of polymerization wherein their constituent elements called monomers, are reacted together to form polymer chains, i.e 3-dimensional networks forming the polymer bonds. The type of polymerization mechanism used depends on the type of functional groups attached to the reactants.

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