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benfits of plastic pipes

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Plastic pipes are generally easier to work with and cost less to install. They’re not as heavy or solid and, therefore, not as arduous to work with. It’s also easy to cut and fit plastic into tight areas and, due to its popularity, usually easier to find odd or unusual pieces that fit what you are looking for. Although this is the main advantage, plastic is not as durable as metal in that it is not as heat resistant and will need to be replaced more often than metal piping. Also, there are some restrictions to using plastic piping, as it typically cannot be used in areas of plumbing systems that carry drinkable water or water under high pressure. If you choose to use plastic piping in these areas, it should be made of polybutylene or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). CPVC piping has chlorine added to it, which increases heat resistance, makes it suitable for drinking water, and provides good insulation. PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) can also be a good, long-lasting option for use in drinkable water lines, but would need to be connected by a section of copper tubing if used for a hot water heater. PVC pipes can easily and efficiently be used for drain parts of the plumbing system. Another major benefit of plastic piping is that it will not rust or corrode, unlike metal piping. Plastic piping is easy to join, as there are several different methods for installation and welding doesn’t have to take place, which saves some effort.

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