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What tests are done to the pipes to determine their quality?

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Firstly, it should know that the tests are done in all stages of the production process. Since the moment it is received the raw material up to it is sent the plastic pipe to the client. These tests are done in the manufacturer’s premises. They are non-destructive testing that are done to samples chosen at random and each X determined time. Resistance to traction and ultimate elongation This first test is done by subjecting to a cut test tube, to an elongation up to the break. This traction is done with a dynamometer and at a speed of controlled elongation. In the moment that the test tube breaks, it is written down both the effort in the break and the percentual elongation. These data are compared to its original size and if the parameters are met, it will have been met the first test. Heat resistance As its name indicates, this test is done by subjecting at high temperature (150ºC), during a determined time. This test is done on the fittings of the welding to determine the effectiveness of the lines of the welding and that there are no internal defects. Aspect Maybe this is the simplest test of all of them; it is simple verified the inside and the outside, the aspect of the pipe to make sure the lack of bubbles, pores… The simplest one, but which is not less important, as a pore, subjected to a great quantity of water under pressure… can produce leaks. Dimensional stability This test consists in cutting a piece of a pipe and marking on it two lines at a determined distance. Once they are marked, it is introduced the piece of pipe in water at 150ºC during a determined time. After this time, it is removed the pipe and it is measures the distance between the two lines and it is written down the difference (positive or negative) in %.

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