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What is the principle of falling weight impact tester?

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What is the principle of falling weight impact tester?

Falling weight impact tester is widely used in the determination of impact resistance toughness of various plastic pipes (such as water supply and drainage pipes, sewage pipes, gas pipes, pipes for communication, such as PVC, PE, etc.). Falling weight impact tester is the ideal testing instrument for testing institutions, production units, building materials industry, scientific research units. The next is the principle of the falling weight impact tester and the maintenance method is introduced.

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l Principle

l Maintenance method


Impact test process

Install the test specimen, set the impact height and other test parameters, start the tester, lifting the hammer beam down, the screw reverses, the hammer rises, the hammer reaches a predetermined position, release the hammer, the hammer impacts the specimen, automatically capture the hammer, check the test specimen. The motor of the falling weight impact tester drives the rotation of the screw through the synchronous pulley set, as the screw nut is connected to the hammer beam, which drives the hammer beam up and down, and the beam then carries the falling hammer up. According to the set pulse step and screw pitch, the number of rotating pulses is measured by the photoelectric encoder, and the hammer can be lifted to the set height. When the hammer is released, the hammer body falls freely and impacts the specimen. When the impact head impacts the specimen, it bounces together with the whole hammer coupling part, then the catching sleeve enters the catching frame until the guide sleeve is stuck, and the hammer body falls on the catching frame.

Automatic capture of the falling hammer process

When the hammer is lifted, the electromagnet is activated and the catching sleeve is driven up at the same time, and the electromagnet is disconnected when the hammer is released. To drop weight impact testing machine impact specimen, the hammer headfirst collision specimen after the bomb, at this time the capture sleeve and guide sleeve separation, capture sleeve continue to fall, and then the lower end of the capture sleeve began to enter the capture frame, capture hammer action began until the conical capture sleeve stuck in the guide sleeve and guide column, the entire hammer body stuck in the capture frame. When the falling mass impact tester continues to test, the hammer body has been captured sleeve stuck, at this time, start the bottom cylinder, you can push the guide sleeve and capture sleeve and then lift to the next test the required height.

Maintenance method

The appropriate low concentration of oil must be added to the sliding round rod, but it is strictly prohibited to add anti-rust oil or high concentration of oil and accumulation of corrosive oils. Test before the first clean and comprehensive testing of the drop mass impact tester is properly connected to the power supply. If the oil is in the place for a long time, there is too much dust please drop the hammer impact tester to the lower part, wipe the oil after the previous test, and then re-oil the machine. Test machine lift shaft and chain need to be regularly lubricated to ensure that the lift shaft is clean. Do the test in strict accordance with the instructions to operate, non-operators shall not arbitrarily operate the falling weight impact testing equipment. Correctly adjust the fall height, set the required height of the test. If you stop in the middle, you must make it reach the set height before you can execute the reverse operation command. After each test, you must drop the arm and turn off the power, to avoid a long time resetting the falling arm to pull the spring deformation, affecting the testing effect.

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