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What are the considerations of the falling weight impact tester?

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What are the considerations of the falling weight impact tester?

Falling weight impact tester is common equipment, specifically for rapid testing of various metal parts, can be plastic, glass, ceramics and other non-metallic material specimens or products (including plates and tubes) for impact testing, is used to evaluate the impact resistance of materials. Falling weight impact tester has a simple interface operation, short impact test time, high reliability of equipment performance. The next is the introduction of the precautions and characteristics of the falling mass impact tester.

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l Caution

l Features


The pendulum should be removed during the moving process of the falling mass impact testing machine to avoid shaking and damaging the parts concerned. Do not put the pendulum, not in use and nearby together, so as not to bend the pendulum under pressure resulting in deformation. The parts of the pendulum should not be disassembled or replaced at will to avoid changes in the pendulum torque and the position of the center of the blow. If the falling weight impact testing equipment operating mechanism is found to be inoperative, cannot hang the pendulum or pins cannot be disconnected when the parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene, and coated with a small amount of lubricant, reassembled by the original position. If there is no abnormal reason, the pointer should point to the zero position of the dial after the airstrike, the computer shows 0.01J, such as the pointer deviates from the zero position after the airstrike more than 0.1% of the corresponding pendulum large impact energy, the calculation does not show 0, the following points can be checked, whether the drop weight impact testing machine to find the level, the position of the active needle is correctly adjusted and fastened, whether the pendulum is bent and deformed, whether the test machine friction increases. The nut and flange cover should be reliably fastened to avoid axial movement of the ball bearing and pendulum shaft. Check whether there are signs of wear on the working surface of the hanging pendulum pin and hanging pendulum hook. Tooth inlay electromagnetic clutch magnetic roller and armature distance between inappropriate, such as power failure inlay iron end face three steel ball contact magnetic roller end face, will increase the friction, the distance between the 2 in 1.2 ~ 2mm is appropriate. Yang swing failure may be the motor belt is too loose, electromagnetic clutch failure, at this time, you need to adjust the belt tightness, repair the electromagnetic clutch, troubleshooting.


Falling hammer impact testing machine using computer control technology, the use of computer intelligence, the impact height can be preset, automatically prevent secondary impact. Two-speed control, fast automatic lifting of the hammer to a predetermined height, fast return, slow to zero point. Height errors can be automatically repaired through the interface. And the falling weight impact tester is equipped with an LCD. Our company's falling weight impact tester is reliable, high precision, and meets the requirements of professional falling weight impact tester technical condition standards.

Golden Time Technology Development Limited has many years of experience in the production and development of falling weight impact testers. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us.

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