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ISO4422 / ISO13844 / EN DIN 1277

  • GT-JLT-800
  • 9024800000


l  ISO4422

l  ISO13844

l  EN DIN 1277  



It is used to determine the leak tightness of elastomeric sealing ring type of joints for buried thermoplastic non-pressure piping systems. 


l  Industrial LCD display is convenient to input and check test information, including test parameters, test results and test curves, etc.

l  Test data can easily be exported to user’s PC via USB stick for further processing and report generation.

l  Hydraulic type pipe deflection device at radial direction, high precision digital gauge display as well as the self-aligning centering function ensure the operation easier. 

l  Different supporting-blocks are introduced for different pipe fittings.

l  Angular deflection at four directions can be collected.

l  Unique design for sample clamping system makes the sample installation more convenient.


Technical parameters

l  Test station: 1

l  Pipe diameter(DN): (63 to 400)mm or (200 to 710)mm

l  Pressure range: 0 to (-0.08) MPa

l  Pressure display accuracy0.001MPa

l  Pressure control accuracy (MPa): -0.01±0.002 / -0.03±0.0015 / -0.08±0.002

l  Max. angle of deflection: 2.5°

l  Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz 1.0kW

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