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How to use the melt flow index machine?

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How to use the melt flow index machine?

In the rubber industry and plastic industry, the melt flow index machine is a piece of common testing equipment. For this commonly used melt flow index machine, how much do you know about it, what is its role, what is worth the rubber and plastic factories to earn to use this kind of melt flow index machine, what are some detailed steps of using the commonly used melt flow index machine?

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l melt flow index machine

l Test index

l Note the parameters

l How to operate the test

melt flow index machine

Melt flow index machine also called melt flow rate machine, is a special instrument to determine the melt flow rate of thermoplastic under certain conditions. Melt flow index machine is the molten material extruded by the mouth die of specified length and diameter under certain temperature and load, which is programmed by the microprocessor according to the standard test procedure, with fast temperature rise and high precision of constant temperature; after filling, it can quickly restore the constant temperature. Chinese display, automatic timing, automatic material cutting, automatic calculation, automatic printing, and many other functions.

Test index

Melt flow indexer test index standard is generally divided into two kinds: mass flow rate MFR and volume flow rate MVR. what is mass flow rate MFR, refers to the extrudate cut off in a specified time, and then weighs the mass of the cut off extrudate on the analysis balance. The test result is the mass of extrudate in each unit time in g/10 min. Its calculation formula: The formula expresses: MFR (θ, mom) = tref × m/t = 600 × m/t (g/10 min). What is the volumetric flow rate MVR, it is derived from the measurement of the volume of extruded material per unit time in cm³/10 min. calculated from the displacement of the piston movement within a certain time. Commonly used melt flow indexer general mass flow rate MFR.

Note the parameters

As a person who has operated a melt flow index machine, it is important to choose the parameters, what are the parameters that we need to pay attention to, usually there is three orifices die, load, temperature.

How to operate the test

Knowing so much about the melt flow index machine, the operation is more important. That specific how to operate, the next brings several steps. Set the temperature, to be stable need to clean the barrel piston rod, clean, insert the piston rod, also need to wait for the temperature stability; pull out the piston rod; add material, compaction (should be completed within 1min), re-insert the piston rod; to be 4 to 6 minutes (according to regulations, generally 4 minutes after the temperature has begun to enter a stable state); add weights; such as too much material, or down to the starting scale is too slow, available by hand Pressure or increase the weight pressure, so that quickly reach the starting line of the test on the piston rod; timing, cutting samples, can cut several sections; weighing; calculation, take the average; with gauze, special tools (cleaning rod) to clean the material cylinder, piston rod, such as the viscosity of the material is too heavy, not easy to clean, you can apply some lubricants on the surface, such as paraffin. Cleaning must be done while it is hot. The barrel and piston rod must be cleaned after each test. Mouth mold cleaning, with special tools (mouth mold cleaning rod), will be molten material in the inner hole extrusion. When doing the same material test, the mouth mold does not have to be cleaned every time, but in the change of test species, before turning off the heater or has been repeatedly tested, it must be cleaned. In case it is not easy to clean, you can also apply some lubricating substances such as paraffin.

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