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How to choose the right airtightness testing machine?

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How to choose the right airtightness testing machine?

The current market has a wide range of airtightness testing machines, with various functions and testing standards, how to properly select the right airtightness testing machine, the core issues that need to be understood, only the right one for you is good. The next is the introduction of the method of selecting the watertightness testing equipment.

Here is the content list:

l Cost

l Check for leaks

l Developing standards

l Adaptation of testing methods

l Humanization

l Diversification

l Difficulty of operation


Quality engineers should consider the cost and benefits of using watertightness testing equipment for this product based on product specifications, production processes, test standard requirements, test procedures, processes, and other conditions to determine whether the test can meet their requirements.

Check for leaks

Determine that the product needs to fully vacuum tightness test tested using a gas tightness testing machine, and then consider potential leak conditions. Common areas include welds, seals, micro-cracks, and pinholes. Most leaks are small and invisible to the naked eye, which is why accurate, data-rich test results are needed.

Developing standards

Based on product specifications, shape, volume, and other factors, the technical engineers of the tightness tester of elastomeric sealing ring joints calculate the appropriate standard parameters and set the appropriate test standard values based on the 50-100 test results.

Adaptation of testing methods

The technical engineer of the airtightness testing machine works together with the enterprise quality engineer to determine the appropriate testing method using direct detection method, indirect detection method, positive pressure mode, negative pressure mode, positive pressure volume mode, positive pressure volume mode, etc., and select the appropriate airtightness testing machine according to these testing methods.


At the same time, a complete set of airtightness testing machines should be designed in combination with the efficiency, staffing, and production capacity in the testing process. Combined with the different environmental conditions of the production line, design anthropomorphic and personalized tools.


At the same time, to meet the diversification of products, improve inspection efficiency, and reduce inspection costs, different molds can be made according to the shape of the product, and only the molds of the airtightness testing machine tooling jigs need to be replaced when in use.

Difficulty of operation

For some leak detection methods, the test results obtained are the same regardless of whether the inspector is skilled or not. However, some methods are used by insiders and outsiders, and the results are completely different. Where possible, airtightness testing machines that do not require skilled expertise to detect correctly should be used. Each method has different technical keys, and different leak detectors may not be able to come up with consistent leak detection results.

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