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How is the structure of the hydrostatic pressure testing machine?

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How is the structure of the hydrostatic pressure testing machine?

The hydrostatic pressure testing machine can meet different test pressure requirements, suitable for a variety of fluid transfer plastic pipes for hydraulic instant burst and long-term constant pressure resistance under the determination of the destruction time. Here is the structure of the plumbing pressure testing machine.

Here is the content list:

l Main body part

l Hydraulic part

l Electrical section

Main body part

A hydrostatic pressure testing machine is composed of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components. The mechanical part is mainly composed of a water test press body and inlet and outlet auxiliary machine. The hydrostatic pressure testing machine body is the main equipment of the hydrostatic pressure testing machine, which consists of four box-shaped tension beams, front beam device, rear beam device, lifting roller device, and clamping and pulling device. The feeding and discharging auxiliary machine is used to complete the functions of feeding, flushing, discharging, and empty water of the steel pipe, mainly consisting of feeding pipe trolley, discharging pipe trolley, lifting the rotary roller, flushing device, lifting empty water device and discharging table.

Hydraulic part

The hydraulic part is composed of the water pressure part and oil pressure part. The hydrostatic pressure testing machine of the water pressure part by the low-pressure water pump, booster, one-way valve set, liquid-filled tank, to complete the flushing of steel pipe, filling low-pressure water and high-pressure water booster. Hydrostatic pressure testing machine using centrifugal pumps, liquid-filled tank water supply, pressure booster, can be filled with the test plastic pipe in a short time and fewer bubbles in the water, high-quality water filling, can greatly reduce the amount of pressurized water, shorten the pressurization time. Hydrostatic pressure testing machines all adopt hydraulic transmission, hydraulic system consists of three independent systems, namely, the rear beam transmission system, the main cylinder pressure, and water pressure proportional balance tracking system, and the main hydraulic system. The plastic pipes hydrostatic pressure testing machine of the main hydraulic system consists of an oil tank, main oil pump, cooler, filter, accumulator, air filter, liquid level relay, thermometer, electric heater, control valve table. The function of the main hydraulic system is to control the action of the booster, the fixed escrow device, the inlet and outlet pipe trolley, the action of the discharge table, the rotary flushing device, the clamping, and extraction device, the material blocking device and other actuators.

Electrical section

The electrical part of the pressure testing equipment for plastic pipes is controlled by Siemens PLC and monitored by Wincc of the upper computer to realize the control of the whole unit. The main process is to set up the control parameters first, and then modify the transmission process parameters according to the process requirements. Then the operator console is used to control the plastic pipe transfer device through PLC to complete the plastic pipe transfer. When the plastic pipe arrives at the test position, the sealing of the pipe end and the pre-filling of water inside the pipe are completed through the man-machine interface, and the plastic pipe ipt pressure testing is started. The water pressure sensor detects the water pressure value in the plastic pipe in real-time and transmits it to PLC for signal analysis and processing. According to the oil-water balance principle, the oil pressure control signal is calculated and output to the power drive unit of the electro-hydraulic proportional valve to control the action of the electro-hydraulic proportional valve. In turn, the oil pressure value of the pipe end head is controlled to achieve oil-water balance and complete the ipt pressure testing of the plastic pipe. The signals detected by the oil pressure sensor and water pressure sensor are sent to the IPC in real-time at the same time, and the operator monitors the test process in real-time through the monitoring screen.

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