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High Precise Charpy Impact Tester for Themoplatics Pipes

Charpy pendulum impact tester is used to conduct resilience tests on rigid plastic materials in order to determine their impact fragility characteristics under standard stress conditions. The test method conforms to ISO 179 - Part 1 (non-instrumented impact test)
  • GT-CHP-50A
  • 9024800000


l  ISO 9854-1, ISO 9854-2 


It is used for the determination of the impact strength of unnotched test pieces cut from thermoplastics pipes for the transport of fluids.

It is used for scientific research, material testing or the examination of pipes.

A short length of pipe, or a strip test piece machined therefrom, is conditioned at a selected temperature, then supported as a horizontal beam, unnotched, and promptly struck once on a line midway between the supports by a pendulum with a given impact energy.


l  Multiple impact energies can be generated by one pendulum.

l  High mass, traditional pendulum design concentrates energy at the impact point with minimal energy loss due to vibration.

l  The electrics contain a high-resolution encoder for accurate measurement of the impact angel.

l  Touch screen control for quick and easy input of parameters

l  Results are automatically corrected for energy loss due to air and mechanical friction.

Technical Parameters

  1.  Energy levels: 15J, 25J, 50J 

  2. Span of Charpy: 62mm

  3. Charpy testing impact speed: 3.8m/s 

  4. Measurement resolution:  0.01J


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