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Good Quality Microtome for Porducing Slice

The microtome is capable of producing a slice of the required thickness on polyolefin specimen.
  • GT-1508R
  • 9024800000

Microtome GT-1508R


The microtome is capable of producing a slice of the required thickness on polyolefin specimen.


  • Adopt international advanced technology - precision roller cross guide rail.

  • Materials are made of high strength alloy steel and other precious metal materials, with unique design and precision structure.

  •  In addition to ordinary soft tissue sections, especially suitable for hard tissue sections, such as plastics, fibers, bones, plants, hair, etc.

  • The sample clip can be locked on the three-dimensional axis, easy to adjust the slice angle.

  •  Knife holder forward and backward, the operation will automatically feed, the knife holder can move longitudinally and laterally, do not need to touch the slicing knife surface with fingers.

  •  Whether using standard slicing knife or disposable blade, can obtain the ideal blade effect.

  • The right hand wheel is locked in any position with one hand, safe and convenient.

  • The seal of the machine does not need to be disassembled, making the slicing work clean and convenient.

  •  It can be frozen sectioning quickly and conventional paraffin sectioning at the same time.

  • Unique titanium-plated guide ensures high precision slicing. Section accuracy.

  • Sample collet can be fine-tuned.

YD-1508R切片机Technical Parameters

1.     Section thickness range: 1-30um,

2.     The slice minimum indexing value: 1um        

3.     Slice accuracy: ± 5%

4.     Maximum section: 60mm×45mm

5.     Dimension: 400×350×350mm

6.         Power supply: 2.5KW AC220V 50HZ


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