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ASTM D 1693

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·         ASTM D 1693  


It is used to determine of the susceptibility of ethylene plastics, as defined in terminology D883, to environmental stress-cracking when subjected to the conditions specified in ASTM D1693-01, under certain conditions of stress and in the presence of environments such as soaps, wetting agents, oils, or detergents, ethylene plastics may exhibit mechanical failure by cracking.

Bent specimens of the plastic, each having a controlled imperfection on one surface, are exposed to the action of a surface-active agent. The proportion of the total number of specimens that crack in a given time is observed.


Ø  Tester is designed with the main focus on accuracy, perfect construction and flexibility to use.

Ø  Consists of a specimen holder, specimen bending device, specimen transferring device and test bath.

Standard configuration

1.    Thermostatic chamber

2.    Nicking device

3.    Shifting device

4.    Bending device

5.    Specimen holder 5 pc

6.    Test tube and plug 5 pc

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