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Pipe Notch Milling Machine



ISO 13479:1997 Polyolefin pipes for the conveyance of resistance to crack propagation-Test method for slow crack growth on notched pipes(notch test)



It is mainly used for making notches in the plastic pipes for Slow Crack Growth Resistance test.

It is widely used in the research, production and testing of polyethylene (PE) gas pipe. It is an essential instrument for the environmental stress cracking test.


l  The pipe and the notch milling machine should be fixed in the way of hoisting and clamping of the mandrel shaft, and the cutting tool should be parallel to the inner wall of the pipe. To ensure that the depth of the milling notch is not limited by the ellipse of the pipe and the difference in wall thickness, to ensure that the cutting depth is the same.

l  High precision 60° V carbide machining tool ensures that the end of the pipe is smooth and clean after cutting.

l  Module design for the whole system, and milling knife is over the test piece, it is easy to observe.

Technical Parameters

  1.  Pipe diameter range : Ф63mm—Ф630mm

  2. Notch depth: 19% of pipe wall thickness

  3. Notch length: depending on the pipe diameter   

  4. Feeding accuracy: ±0.1mm

  5. Rotation rate of cutting knife: 700r/min

  6. Power supply: 380V 50HZ 5A  180W


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