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Products Detail

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ISO 7686



ISO 7686:2005  


It is mainly used to determine the opacity of pipes and fittings. An ideal measuring device for pipe manufacturers, research and inspection institution.

It consists of optical source, Luminous flux collection system, automatic specimen going in/out controlling system, specimen automatic moving device, specimen support, man-machine communicating touch screen and micro-printer.


l  Up to 4 specimens can be tested at the same time. 

l  The industrial touch screen with strong anti-interference ability is adopted as the man-machine interaction interface, with simple and convenient operation process;

l  The light flux acquisition system adopts high-precision light collector and at least 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion circuit.

l   It has the functions of automatic identification, positioning, tracking and moving of four samples and 12 measuring points, which can realize automatic measurement.

l  It has the functions of automatic analysis, recording, storage and display.

l  The instrument has reasonable structure, stable performance, high efficiency, energy saving, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Technical parameters

l  Pipe diameter range: Φ16mm­­­, Φ20mm, Φ25mm, Φ32mm, Φ40mm

l  Number of specimens: 4, each specimen has 3 measuring points

l  Optical wavelength: 545nm±5nm

l  Luminous flux resolution:±0.01%  

l  Luminous flux accuracy:±0.05%


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