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Hot And Cold Water Temperature Thermal Cycling Tester with ISO

The Hot and cold water cycling tester is mainly used to determine the leakage status of composite pipes & fittings when subjected to specified cycling times under specified internal pressure load.
  • GT-TCT
  • 9024800000


l  ISO 10508



The Hot and cold water cycling tester is mainly used to determine the leakage status of composite pipes & fittings when subjected to specified cycling times under specified internal pressure load.

Product  Composition

 Sample chamber

 Good quality 304 SUS cold water tank (with chiller & heat exchanger)

 316 SUS hot water tank with good quality heating elements

    Electric control system

    Flow measurement (option)

    Pre-tension loading system (option)



Ø  Open structure: high temperature and high pressure water only exists in the sample and the pipeline connected with it, the equipment is atmospheric container structure, other circulating pipelines are atmospheric pressure, valve body, sensors and other devices work under atmospheric pressure, to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the instrument.

Ø  Full closed loop control: instrument adopts imported full digital control system, the internal pressure of the test pipe system to implement the closed-loop control, automatic control system in the process of operation according to the liquid temperature, operation time, pipe flow adjusting parameters such as the main circulation pump and control valve to make test pipe system internal pressure constant, even in cold, hot water or water hammer in the process of alternating, superior to the national standard requirements.

Ø  Intelligent switch: automatic control system according to the sample pipe inlet water temperature, outlet water temperature, cold and hot water tank liquid level, hot and cold switching time, intelligent control open cold water, hot water tank control valve, make the most of the cold water when cold and hot switching back to the cold water tank, cold, hot water tank temperature switch process change less than 5 ℃, system test of low energy consumption.

Ø  Low noise operation: the water flow controller independently designed by our company is installed in the test pipeline, which greatly reduces the noise generated by high-speed water flow flushing pipeline.

Multiple safety protection

Ø  Liquid level protection: multiple sets of liquid level protection are designed in the cold and hot water tanks. Once the water shortage system automatically stops operation (or water replenishment), the damage of circulating pump due to water shortage is avoided.

Ø  Transparent shield: the transparent design of the laboratory can effectively protect the test personnel and facilitate the observation of the test samples.

Ø  Perfect prompt function: when the cold and hot water tank is short of water, the sample is broken, and the protective door of the sample chamber is not closed, the system will automatically prompt that the cycle cannot be started, and the title bar on the screen will flicker to indicate abnormal;

Ø  Unique water flow control: the switching time from cold water cycle to hot water cycle and from hot water cycle to cold water cycle in the test pipeline is less than 1 minute. Within 1 minute, the temperature difference between the sample inlet temperature and the sample outlet temperature is less than 2℃. 

Ø  Pre-tensioning device: independent rigid support frame design, using ratchet pre stressing method, can display the loading force process in real time (non-standard, optional device).

Ø  Maintenance-free control valve: the sealing material of the valve body is made of high heat-resistant material. The sealing material of the valve body does not need to be changed during the use of the instrument.

Ø  Intelligent water replenishment: the function of intelligent water replenishment reduces the labor intensity of the experimenter and avoids the influence of manual water replenishment on the test water temperature, resulting in temperature fluctuation and affecting the normal operation of the test.

Ø  Good human-computer interaction

1. Full color touch screen display, control system integrated with pressure, flow, temperature, time control and sampling, automatic test system in the process of drawing pressure time curve, traffic - time curve (to the user selected flow sensor), the sample inlet temperature - time, outlet temperature - time curve, sample test data is stored in USB drive.

2. Collect information of real-time test pressure, sample inlet, outlet temperature and real-time flow every 10s to ensure that at least 6 data can be collected during the switching process, which is convenient for the later analysis of test data.

3. Automatically judge the fault and give prompt information. During operation, the system automatically determines the abnormal fault location and gives corresponding prompt.

4. High reliability: the instrument design adopts industrial programmable control system, all control systems are designed according to the industrial environment, the system is safe and reliable. 

Technical specifications

l  Pressure range: 4.00bar to 11.00bar0.4Mpa to 1.1Mpa

l  Max. Pipe outside diameter: 2 X 63mm

l  Pressure control accuracy: ±0.05 Mpa

l  Number of test stations: 6

l  Alternation time between hot and cold water: no more than 1min;

l  Cycle period: 300s to 1200s

l  Number of cycles: selectable 1-100000

l  Good quality 304 SUS cold water tank: 15℃ to RT, capacity: 800L

l  316 SUS hot water tank: 60 to 95℃, capacity: 800L

l  Temperature display error: 1

l  Temperature Uniformity: ≤±2℃


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