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High accuracy Rapid Crack Propagation Tester with CE --- ISO13477

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l  ISO 13477 Thermoplastics pipes for the conveyance of fluids Determination of resistance to rapid crack propagation (RCP) —Small-scale steady-state test (S4 test)


A section of thermoplastics test pipe of specified length, conditioned to a specified test temperature and containing a fluid at a specified test pressure, is subjected to an impact near one end, designed to initiate a fast-running longitudinal crack. The test pipe is subsequently examined to determine whether arrest or propagation of the crack has occurred.


RCP is used to determine the critical pressure or critical temperature for rapid crack propagation.

Features for RCP Test Unit

l  The energy storage device, designed to convert elastic potential energy into kinetic energy, the impact speed can be controlled between 1m/s and 20m/s.

l  Industrial control terminal is introduced and colorful touch screen provides abundant information to the operator, e.g. sample pretreatment time, impact speed, test temperature etc.

l  Fast pressure filling and accurate pressure control. For pipes DN 200 to DN 500, setting pressure can be arrived within 1min.

l  High rigid frame enhance bearing strength of system and multiple buffers in the frame reduce the impact force from the high velocity striker, so that the component connection keep perfect after repeated trials.  

l  High-efficiency and reliable energy storage system. Energy storage system with a high storage speed and striker lifting system can be locked firmly or released quickly.

l  The easily adjustable support and the simple assembly & positioning system with quick coupling saves time and has proved to work outstandingly well in operation with samples.

l  Automatic security confirmation system. It means the correct locations of the test sample and the striker blade are identified automatically, so that the collision of the sample assembly with the striker blade is prohibited and the blade will not be released when the sample is not in position.

Features for RCP Low Temperature Conditioning Cabinet

l  Automatically-activated doors are provided. For time-saving reasons, the assembly goes into and out of the condition cabinet through the pneumatic opening door.

l  Ultralow temperature and high efficiency. Temperature can drop to -30 within 10min and multiple groups of samples can be treated simultaneously. Temperature can be monitored automatically.

l  There are independent sample delivery rails for cooling stations. Unique sealing design for the cabinet avoid freezing phenomenon between sealing strip and cabinet.

l  Excellent thermal insulation system helps to enhance the security and save power consumption.

l  Multiple safety protection systems, including escape and alarm device for operator.

Features for RCP Sample Delivery Unit

As the standard laying down the “Crack initiation shall follow within 3min of removal of the test pipe from the conditioning”, limited time is available to position test sample and to increase the internal pressure. For this reason we offer a complete electric sample delivery unit.

l  High accuracy and high delivery speed. Thanks to the positioning system and automatic driven system, sample can be picked up from the conditioning cabinet within 30s.

l  PLC control terminal and colorful touch screen. Integrated monitoring during testing and provides customer more information, such as cooling temperature, pretreatment time, sample inlet & outlet, etc.

Features for RCP Enclosure

It consists of front & rear sealing part, limiting ring, baffles, O-ring etc. A variety of specification are selected, including Φ63mm, Φ110mm, Φ160mm, Φ250mm, Φ315mm, Φ400mm andΦ500mm.

l   Seal parts, limiting ring and internal baffles are connected to each other, together with sample shall be fixed on the V-support on sample supporting seat. So that blade can impact the slotted are on test pipe.

l  Unique design makes the weight much lighter and with higher rigid which can bear 3 Mpa pressure.

l  Perfect structure ensures easy mounting and good sealing. It is also fast and easy to change to another pipe size of SDR.

Technical Parameters

Pipe Diameter Size

≤Φ250mm or ≤Φ315mm (others on request)

Impact Speed

3 selectable   speed (10m/s, 15m/s, 20m/s)

or set a speed   between 5m/s15m/s, at a step of 0.5m/s

Speed Accuracy


Pressure Range

2.5 MPa (Nitrogen)

Pressure Accuracy

Grade 0.5

Control Mode

PLC control   and touch screen display

Striker Blade Release


Pneumatic Energy Storage


Security Protection


RCP Low temperature conditioning cabinet

Number of Test   Station


Pipe Diameter Size


Temperature Range


Temperature Display   Accuracy


Temperature Control   Accuracy


Power Supply

3801-15%VAC3801+10%VAC 5kVA

RCP Sample Delivery Unit

Control Mode

PLC control   and touch screen display

Number of Test   Station


Sample Delivery   Mode

Pneumatic and   motor-driven

Sample Delivery   Distance


Sample Delivery   Speed


Longest Time   for Sample Delivery


Power Supply

220VAC-15%220VAC+10% 50Hz 300VA



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