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Falling Weight Impact Tester



    ·  ISO3127

    ·  BS EN744

    ·  BS EN1411

    ·  ISO11173


It is used to determine the resistance to external blows of thermoplastics pipes of circular cross-section. Test pieces are subject to blow from a falling striker, of specified mass and shape, dropped from a known height onto specified position around the circumference of the test piece. The true impact rate of the batch, or production run from an extruder, is estimated. 
The maximum value acceptable for the TIR is taken to be 10%. 
There are two test methods--round-the-clock method and staircase method.


    ·  The function of anti-rebound device has the catching rate of 100%.

    ·  The import AC servo system will guarantee the high locating precision and fast rising speed.

    ·  The impact height may be set between 50 to 2000mm, also the impact height may be calibrated automatically.

    ·  Automatic personal safeguards are considered, e.g. specimen door, anti-shock and striker window safeguard etc. Test can only be carried out when the test chamber and window are closed.

Technical specifications

1. Impact height: 50mm to 2000mm

2. Height error: within±2mm

3. Overall dimensions: L1100mm×W600mm×H3800 mm

4. Energy losses: <0.25%

5. Masses of strikers: 0.25 to 16kg, permissible tolerance: ±0.5%

6. Rising speed: 12m/min

7. Anti-rebound catching rate: 100%  

8. Test specimen: Ф10mm to Ф630mm

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